Hello all – I’m an environmental historian living in a history of science department. This means I can combine interests in pretty much everything to do with the life sciences, the environment and agriculture from the nineteenth century to the present. More specifically, I write about the history of agricultural science (from pesticides to biotechnology), the history of ecology and natural history.

On this blog, I’ll be writing posts on the strange and pertinent in the history of science and the environment. Eccentric Victorian naturalists, teaching materials in biology, developments in agriculture and attitudes towards the natural world will all appear.

Reviews on conferences I attend, my ongoing research projects and any interesting facts I come across may also be shared. These may even prove relevant to what is happening in the world today. After all, the anthropocene is still young, leaving plenty to write home about!

Outside of all things academic, I enjoy hikes through hills, forests and reasonably-sized mountains. On a typical day, you will find me buried beneath a pile of books, or in a nice café. All the while I listen to timeless music from the ’70s. I am a historian after all!


2 thoughts on “ABOUT THIS BLOG

  1. I am a science teacher. Found your blog while searching for images of electric organs of torpedo. You are doing a great job. I thought of just saying thanks.


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