You can read my all papers and book reviews at my academia page:


Journal Articles

‘‘Melancholy Consequences: Britain’s Long Relationship with Agricultural Chemicals since the Mid-Eighteenth Century’, Environment and History (Accepted 2017)

‘Changing Techniques in Crop Plant Classification: Molecularization at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany during the 1980s’, Annals of Science (2017).

‘The Sparrow Question: Social and Scientific Accord in Britain, 1850-1900’, Journal of the History of Biology DOI: 10.1007/s10739-016-9455-6 (2016).

‘The Perfect Pest: Natural History and the Red Squirrel in Nineteenth-Century Scotland’, Archives of Natural History 42:1 (2015): 113-125.

  • Winner of the 2014 William T. Stearn Student Essay Prize


Book Reviews

‘Anchoring Biodiversity Information: From Sherborn to the 21st Century and Beyond. Edited by Ellinor Michel’, Archives of Natural History (Accepted 2017).

‘A Good Read: Robert Fortune’s Yedo and Peking. A Narrative of a Journey to the Capitals of Japan and China’, SHNH Newsletter 110 (2016): 13-14.

‘The Triumph of Seeds: How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses and Pips Conquered the Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History. By Thor Hanson’, The British Journal for the History of Science 49:1 (2016): 147-148.

‘The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. By Elizabeth Kolbert’, Quarterly Review of Biology 90:2 (2015): 214.




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